Best Guns to Use in Sigma Game 

Sigma Game is known for its large guns collection and the players surely love to experience each and every single armor present in it. What’s important to note here is that these weapons hold considerable importance in the game. Players must opt for any of these wisely as they will determine their victory or loss in the game. Above all, one of the most exciting aspects of the game is that the players will be rewarded for choosing the best weapons. If you are also in the quest of finding the best guns to use in the Sigma game, then this guide is going to prove of lot help. 

Best Guns to Use in Sigma Game 

Importance of Weapons in Sigma Game

Wondering why weapons hold such significance in Sigma Game? While every game has a lot of importance attributed to this part, it is in this game that you will get rewards for opting for a good one. Besides, it’s a universal fact that choosing the right weapon at the right time will aid you to counter incoming opponents effectively. You will have to focus on strengthening your team no matter what and in order to do so, getting a prior know-how of armor is important. We have analyzed all of the weapons included in the game thoroughly and have prepared a list so that you may know what to choose and what not to. Looks like winning at the game is not that hard anymore. 

List of Best Weapons in Sigma Game 

Analyzing all of the weapons in the Sigma Game, we present some of the best armor available. The list given below features the best weapons at the top and the quality goes on decreasing downwards 

  •  AWM 

Making to the top of the list, AWM is a go-to for every player out there. No matter if the enemies are hiding out at a longer distance, with the 8× zoom available, you can shoot down anyone that comes your way with great accuracy. In case you are having a hard time finding it, consider killing some enemies to pick it up as loot. 

  • M1887

With a hit range of 100, M1887 is in strong competition with the former. This weapon is normally used when the enemies are present in close proximity to you. Don’t try using it for mid-range or long-range combats as it will fail there due to its shooting capacity. This demerit made us place M1887 as the second number on the list.

  • M4A1 

One of the best weapons in the game. M4A1 can also be upgraded using an upgrade chip. 

  • M14 

M14 is a great gun to take down opponents but the issue with this is that it only allows a single shot at a time. In case you want to enable burst firing, use an upgrade chip. 

  • AK47 

When it comes to taking the most human lives, what else comes to our mind other than AK47? AK47 expands AR ammo in the game. 

  • SCAR 

SCAR is also viewed as the top most gun in Sigma Game, particularly because of its capacity to inflict heavy damage upon the player. One demerit of the weapon is that it takes a longer time to reload, which is why the chances of being killed by enemies are increased. However, once reloaded, it can shoot foes with pinpoint accuracy.  Provided by US special forces. 

  • GROZA 

If you want accuracy in your shots, GROZA is the best option. One demerit of this weapon is that it can only shoot at mid-range and long-range accuracy while is bad in situations where the enemy has approached at a close distance. 

  • XM8 

If you are looking for a light weight weapon, search none other than XM8. It is a good asdualt rifle and uses AR ammo. 

  • AUG 

The maximum scope of this rifle is 2× by default. You can upgrade it later on in the game. What’s best about this weapon is its high firing rate. This is particularly useful for lone wolves out there. 

  • AR-15 

AR-15 is capable of perishing the enemy squad in an instant. This is good for scenarios when you have to tackle many opponents at the same time. 

  • G36 

Considered a well-rounded weapon, G36 supports two firing modes at the same time. It expands AR ammo. Many players consider it the best option in intense battle fights. 

  • SVD 

SVD can only be found in airdrops. The best quality of this weapon is its long-range combat ability, which can take down the opponents present at a longer distance with great accuracy and precision. 

  • M249 

When in squat or prone positions, use M249. This is because M249 has a very good firing rate and a high ammo capacity. It has bipods with it and serves as a great defense alternative. 

  • M60

This is a very lightweight gun and can be carried around easily. What’s best about the gun is that it can be utilized in prone positions. Also, players can upgrade it later on using an Upgrade Chip. 

  • MP5 

MP5 expends SMG ammo in the game. If you want a good weapon for mid-range combat, make sure you choose MP5. An Upgrade Chip can be utilized for enhancing its performance. 

  • P90 

If you are fighting in close-range proximity, make sure you opt for P90. This is because it utilizes 5MG ammo and is good for smaller distances. 


Sigma Game has one of the best weapon collections out there. If you have played Free Fire before, you can have an idea about the list of weapons mentioned above. Opting for the best guns to use in Sigma Game will not only provide you with rewards but will also increase your chances of survival in the game.